About Us

Perth Photography


I just love taking photos. From the time I was given my first camera, Kodak box camera, when I was 11 years old.

When I was employed by a photographic studio in Sydney it was a dream part time job, as I already had our daughter, Emma, who was twelve months old.

The grounding I received from that Sydney studio has stood me in good stead and I have been able to hone my skills as a photographer and I love the fact that I have been able to continue do what I love.

I love working with my daughter who shares my passion for photography.

I love the buzz I get when I see the delight on the faces of our clients when they view the images we have taken of them on either their wedding day, of their newborn baby, their family or children. If that feeling ever goes it is time to “hang up” my camera, but I cannot ever imagine that happening.


I read a quote once which said, “Photography is a love affair with life”… which is so true for how I feel about life! I love life, I love my family so much and I love looking at photos.

I also love photographing women – to make a woman feel beautiful both inside and out is one of the many reasons I love being a photographer.

I can thank my mother for my passion for photography.  She became a professional photographer when I was 12 months old. Being able to work together as we share our passion allows me to create and capture for others, moments that I treasure of my own family; precious memories, hanging all around the family home – this gives me great joy.  I also enjoy having a nice glass of red 😉